At Canada Place

At Canada Place

2008년 5월 5일 월요일

What do you think about the American beef ?

Hi, guys,

The last day of our happy holidays is invariably passing away.
Are you spending gorgeous time?
Actually, during the holidays the news related to the mad cow disease made me uncomfortable and upset. After I watched the program, PD'S NOTE of MBC reporting the danger of the mad cow disease, I couldn't help resenting our government for thier easygoing reaction on the import of American beef.
Did you see the program? And what is your opinion about the American beef?

2008년 4월 28일 월요일

What do you think about the English proficiency test?

Hi guys,

According to the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Education English test for KSAT will be replaced Korea’s own English proficiency test from 2013. He said that this plan is
designed to decrease the private English education expenditure. Dou you think that this is a good idea? Will this plan help parents to decrease the private English education expenditure in Korea? And what do we need to teach in English class?

2008년 4월 20일 일요일

Can you ride a rollercoaster?

Hi Guys,

Yesterday I went to Everland in Yongin with my husband.
After spending the hectic weekdays I decided to blow off some steam.
Fortunately the weather was fine and fantastic even though the temperature was a little higher than the one of nomal days of April.
The amusement park was really jampacked with people.
Actually I didn't expect that there would be so many people cuase it was not Off-Saturday(놀토 in Korean, What can we call it in English?).
It was really nice to see the amusing scenes, colorful flowers and screaming people riding suspensive and thrilling means of amusement.
It was a great pity, however, that I couldn't ride the famous wooden rollercoaster there.
Actually I could ride that kinds when I was young, but as I'm getting older I can't.
Can you?

2008년 4월 13일 일요일

Gloomy Sunday

Hi guys,

It's been a gloomy Sunday today.
Not only the weather but also my mood, too.
Do you know why?
I had to spend much time struggling to do my assignments,
especially writing the essay for Reggie's class.
But I haven't finished it yet. ㅠㅠ..
Actually it is much harder for me to write an arguementative essay
than a descriptive one.
How is your second essay going? What are you writing about?

2008년 4월 8일 화요일

The Replacement of the First Korean Astronaut.

Hi, Classmates!

Tonight the first Korean astronut, Yi So-yeon is going to the space finally.
And all the Koreans are waiting for the historical moment now.
But, as you know she was the backup astronaut at first.
Kosan was replaced with Yi So-yeon because he violated some important document security.
And there are many people who feel sympathy for Kosan.
What do you think about that?

2008년 4월 1일 화요일

Do you have any key-pal?

Hi, guys!

How are things going?
In my eyes, all of you seem a little tired these days.
Maybe it is due to some sort of homework and presentation
you are supposed to do in the class or in club activities, I think.
I feel the same way.
Actually, I have a Canadian key-pal in Toroto, Canada.
And these days I'm getting much help from him.
Last Sunday planning some presentation process, there was something difficult
for me to understand so I asked him some help.
And today I've got his reply and his answer was so clear to understand.
I'm very proud of him.
Do you have any foregin key-pal?

2008년 3월 24일 월요일

What did you do last weekend?

Hi guys!
What did you do last weekend?
I went to the movies with my husband last Saturday.
The title I watched was " The Other Boleyn Girl ".
It was the movie about Ann Boleyn ( I'm not sure the correct spelling of Ann.)
who was the second wife of Henry 8th in England and her sister Mary Boleyn.
Is there anybody who watched this movie?
And do you know about Ann Boleyn ?